Live in the South of Granada?

Interested in living in the South of Granada?

When it comes to purchasing property abroad, there are so many questions and things to consider, it can make your head spin! In a region like La Alpujarra, Lecrín Valley or the Tropical Coast, full of ancient traditions, some of those questions might be: If I fall in love with a property, how can I determine it’s legal status? How do I determine if the building’s foundations are stable? Do I need to get an energy certificate, dig a well, pave a road? What are the local regulations regarding access and renovation of older buildings? Or, you may feel a longing to be here, but not know whether more conventional housing or more traditional housing is right for you. If you have a property in mind, but you’re interested in making some major changes to it, you’ll want to know about the local regulations regarding urban planning. You might be wondering: How can I fully develop all the great ideas I have in mind for this new property? Who will actually carry out this construction work? Can I do some of it?

South of Granada offers you, first of all, experienced, professional, and localized assessment of these questions and more. Additionally, we also offer full and partial management of all the tasks, services and procedures necessary to complete not only rehabilitation of older buildings to the highest standard inside and out, but also renovation of new build housing to your exact specification.

In the provinces of Granada, and especially in the mountainous region of La Alpujarra, Lecrín Valley or the Tropical Coast, you may find that special house, farmhouse or farm that you have always wanted to live in – whether temporarily, seasonally, or for the rest of your life. Uncultivated lands, abandoned farmhouses, or dilapidated properties, can be both a tremendous bargain as well as a good opportunity to fulfill your dream of living in La Alpujarra. With our help, you can make it a reality.

In addition to our architecture background, we apply innovations from a sustainability perspective. We utilize both energy saving and environmentally conscious analyses, offering you unique and creative solutions to adapt the needs of the project to your idea of how you want to live your best life in South of Granada.