Our team is dedicated to media and information technology. This dedication results in unique sales channels of services and products from the architecture sector, to help you with the construction, renovation or rehabilitation of your home.

In coordination with the architecture team, we select a variety of products and construction materials to fulfill the needs of the work you want done.

We offer competitive prices derived from agreements we have with many different brands, so that we may optimize the entire buying and selling process, and then apply those savings to the final price of the products that are within your budget.

Additionally – if you are an entrepreneur and want to start your own business in La Alpujarra, Lecrín Valley or the Tropical Coast – or already have a business and want to improve sales – we can help you find technological solutions.

We can develop your company’s website and offer you new outlets for any service or product you want to sell. You can operate a self-managed online store and utilize social networks to market and promote your business, and thus be able to interact with and captivate potential customers.

We keep growing to offer you more products to help you make your home in Souht of Granada a more comfortable place.