Tourism in South of Granada

It’s always better to visit and familiarize yourself with a place before deciding to live there. And there’s no better way to get to know the South of Granada than with a local guide, closely connected with the generations of history and culture here. We know that when you get to know La Alpujarra, Lecrín Valley or Tropical Coast, you’ll come back.

It’s not just about sightseeing in the South of Granada, it’s something more: the possibility of living in the place of your dreams. We can help you make those dreams a reality.

We can organize getaways to know the secret corners, endearing towns and stunning landscapes of La Alpujarra, Lecrín Valley or Tropical Coast. We can coordinate guided tours of real estate and properties that interest you or that we think would be ideal for you.

We can visit houses and farms to see them in their current state and to get a sense of the landscape and scenery that surround them. After an analysis, our team will inform you of various options regarding possible improvements and changes, so that you can get an idea of the final result in a actual environment – a first impression of how your life will be in La Alpujarra.

We assure you that if you decide to buy, it will be the PERFECT PURCHASE. Do not buy in a hurry or under pressure, do not buy if you feel in any doubt.

During our time together, you will come to know the charms that La Alpujarra offers you; whitewashed villages on the southern slopes of Sierra Nevada, typical Alpujarran architecture built in symbiosis with the environment and climate, delicious cuisine, rich culture and ancestral history, and powerful, charming natural landscapes.

You will have the opportunity to meet people, to talk with them, possibly get to know your future neighbors, and above all you will discover a way of living that is relaxed, healthy, and surrounded by nature’s beauty and bounty.

It’s easy to get here – you can come with your family, or in a group of friends, with many flights and transportation options available from the airports and cities of Granada, Almeria and Malaga.

Get to know this corner of Andalusia, and find the ideal home you have always dreamed of.